Issue 2: February 2016

$ 19.00

Limited to 500 pcs.

80 Pages (170 g/m²) ⎪ 350 g/m² Cover ⎪ Format: A4

In this Issue: Alan Schaller,  Anna Grimsey, Karolina Kundzicz, Alessio Trerotoli, Craig Reilly, Cédric Delannoy, Christophe Mousset, Paul Cupido & more!


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After Issue 1 already brought a treasure of incredible photos to your home, wait till you open Issue 2. It will let you explore visual worlds you’ve probably never seen before. From pulsating street scenes in Japan, to mesmerizing coasts in São Paulo, to the highly surreal markets of Cambodia. No matter how different all these golden moments are, they are all united by a great sense of reduction, intensity and depth. You loved Issue 1 or always wanted to experience the world’s best photography in a breathtaking quality? Don’t wait too long and get your limited copy of Issue 2 now as long as it’s still available!



Alessandro Rodrigues Garofalo

São Paulo, Brazil


Karolina Kundzicz



Christophe Mousset

Paris, France


Josh Cantor

United States





Tiina Törmänen

Syöte, Finland


Justin Nunnink

United States


Tatsuo Suzuki

Tokyo, Japan

Paul Cupido



Alan Schaller

London, England


Jutta Würth



Thomas Léonard



Jasper Tejano

Makati, Philippines


Daniel Tjongari

Surabaya, East Java , Indonesia


Yiannis Linosporis

Piraeus, Greece


Keith Johnson

United Kingdom

Devanshu Kaushik

United States


Cédric Delannoy

Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Alessio Trerotoli



Anna Grimsey

United Kingdom


Toby Trueman



Nicola Ferrara

United Kingdom


Craig Reilly