Neoprime Magazine Submit your Work

NEOPRIME Contemporary Fine Art Photography features excellent photographers - both emerging and established - from around the world. As an International Fine Arts Label, we deeply care for photographers from all four corners of the world. As for the background of artists we seek, we want to make something perfectly clear: We certainly appreciate the value of an arts degree, but we’ll always judge an artist by the degree how much eye, heart and soul he pours into his photography.

Because what this magazine and its core beliefs boil down to is the mere essence and most important driver of breathtaking fine art: bursts of passion. Merging technical excellence with the heart, eye and soul into a creative symbiosis of light and genuine emotion is what makes us leap for joy. So if you're a photographer and think that your photos, project or story could be a fine addition to our future issues you are only two easy steps away. Here’s what you have to do:


Step 1

Make sure we can contact you

If you think that your photo or story belongs in our magazine, the first step is to sign up to our mailing list directly below. That way we can reach out to you and you are the first to hear anything important related to the magazine (such as deadlines, themes and crucial updates). Please make sure to check your mailbox and confirm your subscription right away. Thank you!

Step 2

Show us your beautiful work

Submit your work as easy and convenient as possible. You can share your photos or story through all social channels below. We’ll always keep an eye on all of them! 


Please note: Due to the high number of applications we get by now, we unfortunately can’t get back to everyone. However, we promise to take a very close look at each and every submission! They are our most precious resource for discovering highly talented fine art photographers like you. We can’t wait to hear from you to conquer the amazing world of fine art together!

If your photo or story makes it to the magazine, we will reach out to you. We can’t wait to publish your incredible photography.


Do my files comply with your REQUIREMENTS?

Regarding your files, we have a few requirements that are essential for high quality printing. Please make sure that you can send us a file with at least (!) 2500 pixels on the longest side. Your image should have 300 dpi and is supposed to come in RGB color mode (preferably sRGB). If you (for whatever reason) have to send us a file in CMYK color mode or greyscale, please make sure that you have no color profile attached! Of course you don't need to upload these files to social networks or send us vast emails with your submission! If we're going to publish your work, we will reach out to you and ask you for high quality files and the details of your photos.

What about Photography on film?

Both digital or film are fine, as long as you have digital file matching the above mentioned requirements. Unfortunately, we can't scan your negatives. If you want to have your analogue work featured, you have to make scans by yourself.

What about Subjects, Genres & themes?

Regarding subjects and genres we are open to almost anything as long as it’s outstanding photography. Most issues won't  have a certain theme. If we plan to publish a theme based issue, you will be the first one to know. We'll keep you updated in our journal and via our mailing list you hopefully already signed up for.

How many photos or stories can I submit?

Although you shouldn’t flood our submission channels and email server, you can basically submit as many photos and stories as you want. Our Flickr Group is limited to two photos a day. We advise you to thoroughly curate yourself, submit only your best work and blow us away!

How many copies do you sell?

The magazine will always be published as a limited edition. Our very first issue was limited to 250 pieces in order to keep it special. It sold out in only 10 days. Issue 2 will be limited to 500 copies. How many pieces the upcoming issues will have? We don't know by now but one thing is certain: The sky is the limit!

What happens if I get selected for the magazine? 

If your photo or story gets chosen, we’ll reach out to you through email or the social channel where you’ve submitted your work. We will ask you to send us the high resolution file(s). You are going to be one of the first people to receive the brand new issue for a special, cost-based price. Crack the bubbly, you are featured in NEOPRIME Contemporary Fine Art Photography! 

Is there a deadline?

We will publish the deadlines for upcoming issues through our mailing list and in our journal . Please subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss any deadline, changes, updates or crucial information.

What about my copyright?

The original rights to your work always remain with you. You merely agree that your submission(s) will be included in the magazine. You give us the (non-exclusive) right to (a) print your work in our magazine and (b) to use your work to promote the magazine online.

Can I submit to be chosen for the cover?

There's no separate submission for the cover of an issue. Cover photo will be chosen out of all submissions we receive. We'll always choose by what impresses us and what fits best concerning theme, color, quality and format. 

do I receive a remuneration when I get published?

So far there are no numerations. However, a feature in NEOPRIME Contemporary Fine Art Photography offers you something more valuable then that: worldwide exposure for your work and an official publication in a high-class photography magazine.

Can I have my website published?

Yes of course! We list all contributors on a special page with their name, city of residence and website. Your photo or story will always be linked with your name.


There are still some questions left? No Problem at all! Feel free to get in touch with us to see how we can help you.